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For a guy who isn't the most social of the bunch, I have really grown to like taking pictures of people!

A portrait of a young boy, shirtless, looking at the camera.SeanMy son Sean on a hot summer day

image of a teenage boy with long, tousled brown hair standing in the middle of lake huron, close up of his face smiling at camera.Elijah in the lakeA good summer vacation

Portrait work has fast become a style of photography that I am not able to get enough of.  If you are familiar at all with my work, I have typically stuck to architecture and street-ish photography; I used to avoid shooting people as my subjects altogether because of some bad experiences.  

However, some newfound photographical maturity, along with more experience and some brute self-honesty (and some better gear!!), have shown me that those bad experiences were due to my own inabilities and lack of knowledge as a photographer.  It is humbling to say that; my wife can attest that I rarely admit my own mistakes.  But it is the truth - I am guilty of taking on jobs I was not capable of doing well because I didn't have the knowledge, the abilities and skills, or the equipment to deliver the product I envisioned.

a portrait of a young toddler in cooler weather, bundled up with a hat and jacket, standing in the middle of a field at wildwood metropark in toledo, ohJack in early springWe like going to the park

A portrait of a woman in blue  tinted sunglasses, in profile, smiling and laughing.Zooin' It 6/14/16My wife Carrie smiling at a joke while on a visit to the Toledo Zoo this summer.

But the nice thing about any activity is that, if you stick with it and learn about it and practice it, you can make real improvements.  As a basketball player you might never make the NBA, but if you aren't totally uncoordinated some serious devotion and practice will have you competing well at the local hoops spot, maybe even dominating a bit.  

I have been able to do some more portraiture sessions recently and have found myself really growing to appreciate the work that goes into getting someone to relax and be themselves in front of a stranger holding a camera.  Every session I have done has been enjoyable and rewarding, and while I like shooting real estate and architecture, portraiture is definitely a different job altogether, with different equipment, methods and personal requirements.  The editing is much more intense and precise, but the results are so satisfying!

Kendall Linnenkugel Senior PicsKendall Linnenkugel Senior Pics To my photographer friends out there, what do you prefer to shoot - people? Portraits? Cityscapes and streetscapes? Weddings and events?


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