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That's what people think of when they think of real estate.  A building.  A warehouse.  An apartment.  

They should be thinking of so much more.  They should be thinking about the architecture.  How it was made.  Why it was made.  Why it was designed this way instead of that.

They should think "This place looks amazing!


2228 Orchard2228 Orchard


Today's home buyers do their own research.  They no longer rely on a realtor to find them houses to look at; they simply go online, find the houses they want to see, then have the realtor schedule the showing.



The first thing a potential home buyer looks at is the image(s) of the home.  How the home shows online often dictates both how long it is on the market, as well as how much it sells for.  Research shows that homes shown with professional photography sell faster and for more money than those without professional images.


2500 Hasty2500 Hasty


I have been shooting residential and commercial properties in the Northwest Ohio/Southeast Michigan region since 2015. I have photographed hundreds of spaces and work with dozens of realtors, from brokerages that include Effler/Schmitt, Howard Hanna, Danberry, Loss, and Key. I have also done commercial work for, among others, Blueprint HCRE, Omega HCRE, Stan Johnson Co., Valle Homes and The Plastics Group. I offer a range of services for your real estate and commercial needs, at a desirable price point.  If you don't see a category of service that fits what you are envisioning, I urge you to contact me and see what we can create together.



2554 Forestvale2554 Forestvale


Preparing your home

A clean, decluttered space helps to create the best photographs. When I arrive I will set up my gear and take a walkthrough of the space. I make sure window blinds and curtains are dressed, and help to adjust any small details I need to help create the appropriate image for your home. Each shoot takes between thirty and ninety minutes, depending on the size and readiness of the property. 

Some things  you can do to help prepare the space:

  • Remove toothbrushes, generic plastic soap dispensers and other toiletries and like items from bathroom sinks and countertops
  • Remove similar cleaning items from kitchen countertops and sink areas.
  • Remove dishtowels from the front of ovens and dishwashers
  • Lower all toilet seats
  • Close all shower curtains, unless shower/tub is tiled
  • If you will be home or present during the shoot, turn on all of your overhead lights, as well as most lamps

After the interiors and exteriors are photographed, I head back to the office to complete the final product - all editing and retouching work is done by me, utilizing both Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to remove unwanted features, adjust color and light, and create a picture of your home that is both accurate and beautiful. I don't outsource my editing because I believe that it is important to keep the entire process as close to home as possible - if there is an issue with your shoot or the final product, it can be solved with one phone call.  Once edited, images are uploaded to Dropbox for easy digital access from anywhere. 


Pricing Information

This business is insured against accidents and other mishaps while shooting.

Residential Photography -  $100 and up 

Residential Contracts include 20-40+ different shots of the property, including exterior and interior photos. Once editing is completed your images are sized appropriately for immediate loading to the MLS or other Internet-based real estate providers such as Zillow or Trulia.  

Shoots are scheduled Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  

Turnaround time on images is 24 hours or less, often by close-of-business.

The actual number of images provided directly correlates to the size of the home.

$105 for homes under 2500 Sq. Ft.
$125 for homes 2501-4000 Sq. Ft.
$150 for homes 4000-6000 Sq. Ft.

Contact for pricing on estates over 6001 sq. ft.

Aerial stills are available for a $100 flat fee in addition to the stated rates. An exterior-only shoot utilizing a combination of ground and aerial stills is $125.



Professional slideshows for properties are available upon request.  The images are set to music and transition around the property; play the slideshow below for an example.  Slideshows are $15 each and use images taken of the property, edited for clarity.  You can choose to upload your slideshow through multiple platforms including YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, or embedded directly to your website.




Serving your architectural and real estate photography needs in Toledo, OH and the surrounding Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan areas.